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B & B Instrumentation Products Inc.

With products ranging from thermometers to pressure gauges and cryogenic hoses, our team of experts at B&B Instrumentation Products can help you meet a variety of your needs.

B & B Instrumentation Products Inc. offers a wide range of isolation and control valves, specialized pumps and high-temperature mechanical seals to address your specialized needs. We partner with esteemed manufacturers to ensure the highest quality offerings.

We’ll work with you to help craft reliable and sustainable solutions. While increasing operational efficiency is at the heart of our mission, our innovative solutions often also cut costs for the clients we serve.



Mass Flow Meters

FCI designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of thermal mass flow meters for air and gas flow measurement. Thermal mass flow meter technology utilizes the relationship between flow rate and cooling effect for direct measurement of mass flow.  With no moving parts and minimal invasiveness, thermal flow meters provide a highly repeatable, accurate, low cost, easy to install solution for air and gas flow measurements.  FCI provides flow meters suitable for applications in pipes and ducts, as small as 1/4 inch [6mm] to the largest of stacks.


Thermal Differential Flow & Level Switches

KENCO’s Thermal Differential Switches are designed for a wide range of flow and level applications. These switches can be used to direct either the overall liquid level or a liquid-liquid interface. They can also be used to detect a specific flow rate or flow/no flow condition in liquids and gasses. The sensor consists of two Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s). One RTD measures the temperature of the fluid around the sensor. The other RTD is self-heated. This provides a temperature differential between the the two RTDs. In a level application, the thermal conductivity of the liquid level is higher than the gaseous layer above the liquid. When the RTDs make contact with the liquid, there is a cooling effect with the liquid absorbing the heat from the heated RTD. This reduces the temperature differential increases, causing the relay to reset. This will also work in a liquid-liquid interface when the two liquids have different thermal conductivity (ex. oil and water). In a flow application, there is a temperature differential during a no-flow or low-flow condition (the actual setpoint is adjusted during the calibration procedure). As the flow rate increases, the temperature between the RTDs decreases, causing the relay to change state. When the flow rate decreases, the temperature differential increases, causing the relay to reset.


TM Series: Liquid In-line Turbine

The TM Series features our same ruggedized, stainless steel construction with CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotors, line sizes from 3/8 inch through 10.0 inch to fit various application requirements. End connection is NPT threaded standard, however Victaulic, flanged, or sanitary ends are available.


HP Series: High Pressure Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

The HP Series: High Pressure Liquid Turbine Flow Meter offers all stainless steel precision machined components with CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotor.


TMC Series: Cryogenic Turbine Flow Meter

This line offers all stainless steel body, shaft and supports with a nickel rotor in line sizes. All Turbines, Inc. cryogenic meters come with a documented +/- 0.5% calibration, and temperature range of -450ºF to 450ºF. Up- and downstream flared transition piping with brass nuts and sleeves allows for an easy, gasket less direct seal with the AN flare turbine.


Cryogenic Totalizer: CDS1000

Turbines, Inc.’s Cryogenic Totalizer Model CDS1000 accurately computes and displays in real-time actual flow parameters in real-time in both digital and graphic formats.

The monitor comes with a wealth of standard features, including Bluetooth wireless printer interface, selectable engineering units (e.g., gallons, liters, pounds, M3, etc.). It is programmable via front keyboard and continuously corrects measured volume as product temperature changes.

The model CDS1000 also offers useful options, including our MZ320 Bluetooth Printer, custom ticket setup and linearization for enhanced system accuracy. Our monitor can be purchased separately or combined with our cryogenic turbine meter and transition piping for a complete delivery system. The TMC turbine line offers an all 300 series stainless steel body.



Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switches

Ultrasonic liquid level switches are used in a wide variety of applications to detect the location of level in a process or storage vessel. These switches can be used in virtually any liquid. A complete offering of materials and mounting configurations are available to meet your application needs.


KMD Magnetostrictive Transmitter

The Model KMD is an advanced, state-of-the-art, two-wire, Magnetostrictive-based level transmitter suitable for a wide range of process applications. The latest microprocessor technology allows this instrument to consistently and reliably measure the level of your process fluid.  Built-in Hart® Communications allows for remote calibration and diagnostics. The optional onboard display and keypad is for local display and calibration. The Model KMD can measure overall level, interface level and process temperature. Up to two 4-20mA output loops are available to track any two of these three variables. The standard single chamber, or optional dual chamber enclosures are explosion proof for hazardous locations. The Model KMD is also intrinsically safe when used with the appropriate safety barriers.


Magna-Site™ Magnetic Level Gauge

The KENCO Magna-Site™ is a magnetic liquid level indicator used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a vessel. Because the Magna-Site™ eliminates the need for glass, high pressure applications and hazardous locations are protected from the danger of a chemical spill due to glass failure.



KSF Cast Body Sight Flow Indicators

KSF Cast Body Sight Flow Indicators have a heavy duty cast construction to handle pressure and temperature requirements.  A glass window on either side provides product visibility.  Mechanical indicators to enhance the visibility of the media include flappers, rotors, and drip tubes.  The cast body and threaded or flanged connections meet ANSI standards. Standard materials of construction are carbon steel, 316 SS, ductile iron, and bronze.  Hastelloy C 276 and alloy 20 can also be supplied.  Please consult the factory for pricing.  The KSF Sight Flow Indicators are available in two series – ST and HT.  The ST series is designed for standard temperatures and pressures while the HT series is designed for higher pressures and temperatures.


Chemical Injectors

KENCO Chemical Injectors are designed to inject and properly atomize corrosive chemicals into the turbulent stream of a process system pipeline. The KENCO Chemical Injector will minimize the possibility of corrosive chemical build-up on the walls of the pipeline. KENCO Chemical Injectors are recommended for use in pipelines with a flow-rate velocity of 40 feet per second (12.192 meters per second), or less.




Thermowells are protective sleeves for temperature instruments designed to isolate the instrument from the process media and associated pressure.  Once installed, Thermowells allow for easy removal and re-installation of Thermometers, Thermocouples, or RTD’s without having to shut down the process. Thermowells from PIC gauges are available in many configurations, including threaded, flanged, and sanitary options, in carbon steel, copper alloy, stainless steel and many exotic metals.  All PIC Gauges Thermowells feature one piece solid barstock shaft construction.  A wide variety of standard configurations are in stock available for immediate shipment.



Thermocouple temperature sensors are available in a range of metals and calibrations to meet the specifications of your application, with product availability to help you get what you need faster than our competitors.

Thermocouples can be used in a variety of applications. We provide engineers and purchasing managers both standard and custom thermocouples for use in the following industries:
  • Aerospace/ Jet engines
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Foods/Breweries
  • Furnace profiles
  • Heat treatment
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Oil/Gas
  • Power plants
  • Utilities
  • Waste treatment
  • And more


Thermometers are available in multiple configurations, including dial type bimetallic thermometers, scale-type industrial thermometers, and remote dial thermometers.  Bimetal thermometers feature all stainless steel construction, available in dial sizes 2” through 5” in fixed back or adjustable configurations and various stem lengths.  Industrial thermometers are available in 7” or 9” scale in various ranges and stem lengths.



Seals: Mini, Threaded, Flanged

Diaphragm seals are designed to protect pressure gauges or other pressure instruments from corrosive, high-temperature or viscous process media.  Multiple configurations are available from stock, including threaded, all-welded, flanged and sanitary connections in wetted parts of stainless steel, polymer and exotic metal options.


Digital Pressure Gauges

Battery operated and portable, digital pressure gauges feature +/- 0.25% full scale accuracy. Available with optional protective rubber cover for applications requiring added durability.



Needle Valves

PIC needle valves regulate flow to the instrument and are engineered to withstand the rigors of the oil and gas market and other industrial applications. Needle valves from PIC Gauges are stocked in a wide range of configurations, available in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.


OpGL™ Globe Control Valve

Optimux OpGL Globe Control Valves are Trimteck’s flagship product. The OpGL has been engineered to provide superior performance while permitting easy, fast, and inexpensive maintenance. Unlike diaphragm-operated control valves, the Piston cylinder-actuated OpGL™ provides stiffness and maintains high positioning accuracy – making for the world’s most efficient and accurately responsive valve.


OpVEE™ V-Notch Ball Control Valve

Trimteck’s OpVEE Control Valve is the highest performance V-Notch Ball Valve on the market today. Its advanced design features have taken into account the requirements and recommendations of process control engineers and plant personnel from across varying industries: Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and others.


OpDX™ High Performance Butterfly Valve

The OpDX High Performance Butterfly Control Valve uses a pressure-assisted seating concept to achieve bi-directional bubble-tight shutoff while maintaining a low breakout torque requirement. Available in ANSI Class 150 to 600 and 2” to 36”, the OpDX has a characterized disc enabling throttling.


OpEXL™ Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve

Rotary globe control valves, as eccentric plug valves like the OpEXL are sometimes called, have become an increasingly common choice for plant stakeholders due to, among others, their: capacity to handle high flows, superior rangeability, compact size, and shaft seal design.

The OpEXL is a robust, lightweight, and economical alternative to globe style control valves. It was designed to comfortably handle differential pressures up to 725 psi (50 bar), temperature ranges from -150 degrees F (-100 C) to 752 degrees F (400 C), in sizes from 1” to 14” and ANSI Classes 150 to 300.


OpTE™ Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

The OpTE Triple Eccentric, or Triple Offset, Butterfly Valve is a robust isolation valve providing absolute zero leakage. Originally designed for steam isolation applications ranging from vacuum to high-pressure, the OpTE is now commonly used in liquid as well as gaseous services. The triple offset disc design is torque-seated and inherently fire-safe. Trimteck specializes in modifications of this design to handle extreme temperatures.


OpTB™ Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

The OpTB Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is available in full and reduced port. This API 607 Fire Safe Ball Valve is a proven, rugged design. This is an ideal valve for on/off natural gas applications – and is available in a traditional three-piece body as well as a top-entry version.


Isolation Valve

ARI FABA bellows valves. Extra-tight shut-off due to "cut effect". Extra-tight shut-off due to conical marginal seat geometry. Extra-tight shut-off due to significantly increased seat pressure and longer service life. 


Safety Relief Valve

ARI SAFE safety valves integrate advanced design features for optimal performance. Put your trust in certified safety: these valves are type test approved to VdTÜV, ASME and SAFE-Check – our new service for testing installed ARI safety valves (patent-pending test method that works without increasing the boiler pressure or interrupting operation of the plant – absolutely no media loss).

Alternatively, ARI-REYCO is a complete range conforming to API 526. Accurate response, flip-over plug, optimal plug guiding, up to 6000 psi (414 bar)!

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